In The Mood for Spring

So it has been a long, hard cold winter here in Charleston. OK, not really.  But elsewhere, I am sure. Having grown up in New York, I know this time of year you start to get a bit “All Work and No Play…” So, for a breath of fresh air, I want to share with Troubadour’s Spring 2013 RTW Collection which I had the privilege of seeing in person yesterday. Troubadour is owned an run by Charleston-based designer Lindsey Carter, who was very recently featured in Southern Living.  I’ve watched her collections grow since her debut at Charleston Fashion Week years ago and it has really evolved into a beautiful, I want-every-piece-every-season brand.  I could go on and on, but here are a few of my absolute favorites that just get you excited for, well, Spring!

These pants!

This skirt!!

Of course, I saved the best for last.  This amazing, bubble gum (in the best sense) pink dress!!!!!

And if we  were venturing a guess which of our current pieces would work with our little dream dress, how about this gorgeous vintage Sarah Coventry set!

Just perfect!

– Deirdre Zahl, Candy Shop Vintage Owner

Excuse Me, Do You Have The Time?

So, we recently posted some new pieces including some fabulous and whimsical vintage dress watches from the Pedre Watch Company.

Pedre was started in 1944 and is now a third generation family business. They were  one of the first companies to combine costume jewelry with watch mechanisms and set the trend for what became the fashion watch business.  Over the decades, Pedre manufactured  watches under its own brand as well as private label for most prestigious American retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.  They still make watches for a variety of companies as well as carry their own line of contemporary and classic styles.  We were lucky enough to score some of their genuine vintage styles from their archives.

These are discontinued designs that have never been worn – old stock of some of their former lines from the 1950’s – 1990’s.  Even though they are vintage, the watch mechanisms themselves have been totally updated.  Some of them even have the classic, hidden watch face design from when it used to be considered rude for a lady to check the time – can you even imagine?  Every piece is incredibly well-crafted, each is a genuinely beautiful one-of-a-kind collector’s item.  We’ve loved getting to know their varied watch design history and hope to offer more where these came from!

Behind The Scenes: Our Collection Photo Shoot

We are in New York this week (braving the weather) to shoot our first Candy Shop jewelry collection. We photographed the collection in a studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yard with creative director and photographer Keiron O’Connor.  We are THRILLED at how the photos have turned out.  The Collection will be available this spring, although you can already pre-order two of our pieces online (the Lucky Elephant Earrings & Elephants On Parade Necklace).  In the meantime, enjoy this sneak peek into our photo shoot:

It’s a wrap!

Elephant Love: Shop Our First Vintage-Inspired Pieces

We are excited to announce that out first vintage-inspired pieces are now available for pre-order! Purchase our Elephants On Parade Necklace and our Lucky Elephant Earrings today and get them by Valentine’s Day!  Like all of our Vintage Inspired Jewelry, our new elephant necklace and earrings are designed and made in the U.S.A.

Is there anything more endearing than the shape of an elephant? Elephants have been used in jewelry and fashion design across all decades and in different countries. Their winning shape can be glamourous or bohemian and is often thought to bring luck. This whimsical elephant necklace and earring set (sold separately) will add some playfulness to any outfit and conjure up images of world travel, en elegant safari or perhaps even a day at the circus. Check out some of our Elephant and Safari Chic  inspiration on Pinterest!