The Candy Shop Collection

We are SO THRILLED to finally be able to share The Candy Shop Collection with you, a ten piece collection of vintage inspired jewelry all made in the U.S.A. We’ve spent a lot of time researching a place to have jewelry made – the old school way, when things were made in America by talented artisans and manufacturers who valued quality over quantity.  So, last summer we partnered with a factory and model makers in New England to produce this launch collection of fun, whimsical pieces inspired by vintage styles we’ve collection and sold over they years.

Our Egyptian inspired jewelry can be worn as a set or separately, were inspired by 1970’s Egyptian revival jewelry and the over-the-top glamour of Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra, reinterpreted with a bright, fun and modern color palate.

Each piece, from the dramatic statement earrings with custom resin stones to collar necklace and the oversize cocktail ring features the scarab beetle, traditionally worn by Egyptian Kings and Queens to symbolize their wealth and power. The scarab emerged as a classic design element in Egyptian inspired jewelry and is still considered a symbol of luck and good fortune.

The Kissing Scarab Pendant Earrings come in two colors, a bright rich pink and turquoise. The resin is beautiful and almost “glows” when worn because of its translucent quality.  Here’s a great shot of them from The Glitter Guide (photo by Olivia Ray James):

And of course, who can resist a colorful Scarab Cocktail Ring served up with a little Prosecco?

Candy Shop Vintage Guest Stars on MAD MEN

Well, not literally, ha! However, one of our hand-picked, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces did get some airtime this past Sunday on our favorite SCDP partner, Joan Holloway (played by Christina Hendricks):

The pendant necklace she is wearing is a signed piece by ART (a locket with a serpent design on the top) that we picked on one of our vintage jewelry hunts and sold to the MAD MEN Costume department headed by the talented Janie Bryant.   It gives us a moment of sheer excitement and gratitude to spot it amongst the fabulous MAD MEN costumes and contribute a nugget of style to television history!

Looking For a Summer Intern

Candy Shop Vintage is seeking an intern for three months this summer starting in June!  We are looking for someone fun, easygoing and preferably with an interest in fashion/vintage.

You must be local (based in Charleston) to apply. Here are some more details:
Three Month Intership – Downtown Charleston
June – August 2013
Seeking a part time summer intern for growing jewelry business
specializing in true vintage and new,vintage inspired jewelry designs

· Assisting with marketing, design & social media
· Opportunity to learn and utilize design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign
· Help with shipping, inventory and e-commerce
· Assistance with wholesale client accounts
· Reliable, friendly and easygoing
· Appreciation of vintage and knowledge of fashion a plus

Email us at with your interest and experience!

A Sweet Weekend

So, every now and then I see something on Pinterest and suddenly get whipped into a Martha frenzy.  This had lead to some spectacular failures, some of which are actually duplicated here. However, as soon as I saw these sugar coated doughnut muffins I sprung into action in the kitchen…two of my favorite foods in one!  This was the original pin (are you dying yet?!?):

The recipe are and the original image are via Stylish Cuisine.  I am happy to report not only was the prep/mixing/baking process as described, but so was the final product!  Seriously, these are some amazing muffins and they took less than 45 minutes (start to finish) to whip up.  Here are my actual photos, not to far off.  They have kind of a cozy, nostalgic flavor so I wouldn’t suggest them as a summery treat, but with a nice cup of coffee on cold, early spring mornings, or in the evening with tea in the fall and winter, they’d be just perfect.

I’ve also pasted the recipe below (for me, this yielded about 8 full size muffins so I’d double it if you want a big batch).  Stylish Cuisine also suggests only rolling the tops in sugar even though the recipe calls for rolling the whole muffin.  I, too, thought they were plenty sweet with just the tops done and I’ve got a sweet tooth.

– Deirdre Zahl, Candy Shop Vintage owner & designer

Sugar Donut Muffins
Original Recipe from Nicole at Baking Bites

3/4 cup sugar
1 large egg
1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
2 tsp baking power
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
1/4 cup vegetable oil
3/4 cup milk (low fat is fine)
1 tsp vanilla extract

2 tbsp butter, melted
1/2 cup sugar, for rolling

Preheat oven to 350F. Lightly grease a muffin tin with cooking spray or vegetable oil.

In a large bowl, beat together sugar and egg until light in color.

In a small bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder, salt and nutmeg. Pour into egg mixture and stir to combine. Pour in vegetable oil, milk and vanilla extract.

Divide batter evenly into 10 muffin cups or ~24 mini-muffin cups, filling each about 3/4 full.

Bake for 15-18 minutes for standard-sized muffins or 11-12 minutes for mini-muffins, until a tester inserted into the center comes out clean.

While muffins are baking, melt butter and pour remaining sugar into a small bowl.

When muffins are done, lightly brush the top of each with some melted butter, remove from the pan and roll in sugar. Cool on a wire rack.

Yield: ~10 standard muffins or ~24 mini-muffins

It’s Spring in Charleston

Spring has sprung in Charleston, which means cocktail dresses, shrimp boats, and frolicking on the creeks and inlets… Not too different than the rest of the year here!  In the spirit of Spring, a few weeks ago some friends and I modeled Troubadour’s Spring 2013 Collection for a Glitter Guide feature on the designer behind the line, Lindsey Carter.  The full piece is up today, so go check it out!  Beautiful photos by Olivia Rae James via The Glitter Guide.  Jewelry all from Candy Shop Vintage!  You might get a peek at some more of our new Collection : )