Designer Showhouse in Charleston

It has been a beautiful couple weeks in Charleston…cool, mostly clear and sunny with the exception of only the last day or two. The last of the glory days before summer settles in (PS this Southern Living piece is both hilarious and true!). So, if you are looking for something new to do in Charleston this weekend, consider visiting the 2017 Symphony Designer Showhouse at 36 Society Street. Over a dozen designers have taken over a the beautiful historic property and each has designed or collaborated to design a room or area of the home. Some of my favorites are participating this year, like The English Room, Catherine M. Austin and Taylor Burke Home who makes my favorite chair of all time. You can walk through the whole house and see every colorful nook and cranny and well-informed volunteers are on hand to answer any questions you might have. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite spaces in the house (there are many more rooms not pictured and it is really worth the in person visit!):


This charcoal grey living room designed by Mitchell Hill Interiors, with the gorgeous pair of Hollings Chairs from Taylor Burke Home.


Holly Hollingsworth of The English Room’s Incredible dining room with an Iris Apfel tribute piece…


…which is actually made out of many bottle caps by Charleston artist Molly B. Right!


Chic, monochromatic upstairs porch by GordonDunning. I always love when indoor furniture, especially floor lamps are on outdoor porches, it is so luxurious.


This adorable upstair laundry room by Kandrac & Kole Interior Design complete with a “Haint Blue” ceiling, a color paint traditionally used on Charleston porches.


The upstairs “teenage hangout” room by Meg Caswell – black wicker, gold and bright pinks – very fun…


…complete with a bar cart stocked with candy.


And a mounted unicorn. What more could a teenager want?

Definitely pop in this year’s Charleston Designer Showhouse if you can, there’s even a little courtyard cafe where you can sit an grab lunch with your friends. It is a great way to spend an afternoon downtown and it’s up for two more weeks… Congrats to all involved!


Best Coast

I am a pretty big fan of the East Coast and grew up here all my life, but I have to say a recent vacation to California had me rethinking where my loyalties lie. Also: NO HUMIDITY is a pretty nice feature coming from the southeast. My husband and I decided to take a West Coast trip for our tenth anniversary (he’s never been!) and I was in dire need of a real vacation – not just a work trip. At Candy Shop Vintage, we go from the busy Holiday season – if you work in retail then ya’ know, to market in January to producing and shipping all of our spring wholesale orders in January/February plus running the store and website in between. It is just a whirlwind from late October to March and it can often feel difficult and guilt inducing to take some real time off. Nothing like some laid back California vibes to cure you of that! Something about the architecture there – particularly the 1950’s and 60’s era apartment buildings and homes is just RIGHT to me. And it is literally ALWAYS sunny. These are just a few we saw on Beechwood Canyon Drive where we were staying, a neighborhood I love – and one of the few walkable roads in Los Angeles:


Love this regency style entrance of this apartment building called “The Olivia”


This retro gem called “The Monroe” is really fun.


Though this building has some “cold war era” vibes, I love the name and the font it’s in.


And yet there are still some cozy, sweet family homes in the hills like this one.

We ate breakfast our first morning there at low key Beachwood Cafe at the top of Beachwood Canyon Drive. It was an easy walk from where we were staying and the food is fresh and filling. It has a great updated vintage vibe. This is my first trip to LA where I actually have NOT seen a celebrity. I did randomly run into my old friend Pete in The Beachwood Cafe and he informed me Jason Segel walked in about five minutes after we left. Devastating.


The Beechwood Cafe: cute, local vibes & great breakfast.


Typical LA breakfast? Black coffee, green juice & water. And my Sarara Couture purse we just started selling at Candy Shop On Cannon.

After a good breakfast we ventured up the hill for the obligatory Hollywood Sign shot (it looks mini in this photo – promise it was the real one) and a visit to The Griffith Observatory which has the most incredible panoramic view of Los Angeles and of course featured heavily in La La Land. You kind of have to navigate the traffic and hoards of of tourists doing the exact same thing you are but it really is worth it for the view. And the even had a VINTAGE CELESTIAL JEWELRY exhibit waiting for me in The Observatory (what?!).


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