Halloween Happenings

Halloween is coming and we are hosting our annual “Count The Candy Corn Contest”. The jar below at our Charleston shop is filled with a certain number of candy corns. Take a guess how many in the comments below (or on our Instagram post) and the closest or on-the-money guess wins a $100 gift card to Candy Shop Vintage (valid online or in store). Winner will be announced on Halloween!


Here’s a close up of the jar. (HINT: it is probably more than you think!)


Also, we recently decorated the Charleston store windows for Halloween. I found this great, vintage style Palm Reader sign that flickers on and off in a creepy way. An unanticipated side effect of our window display has been people coming into the shop and asking for… actual palm readings!


So, to remedy their disappointment I  figured – why not? We should offer some pre-Halloween Palm Readings in the store! So, we’ve decided to put together a fun Halloween kick-off cocktail party next Thursday, October 25th at Candy Shop Vintage in Downtown Charleston. We will have Halloween cocktails and treats, draw a discount and free palm readings by Angie of the psychic chakra spa from 6-8PM. Space is limited so RSVP if you want to come to contact@candyshopvintage.com with your name so we can add you to the guest list!


Also, if you live or are traveling anywhere in the New York area this fall – particularly before Halloween, consider checking out The Great Jack-O’Lantern Blaze, an event put on in Historic Hudson Valley where I happened to grow up. It is an interactive display of THOUSANDS of carved Jack O’Lanterns, assembled together in surreal sculptures – everything from national landmarks to animals to a full graveyard (this is headless horseman country after all…). If you are coming from the city you can easily hop on the Metro North train to get up there (although you do have to buy tickets in advance here and they sell out quickly). It is kid friendly (i.e. not too scary) but thoroughly enjoyable and frankly incredible for adults.




My favorite part was definitely the tunnel of celestial pumpkins you walk through on your way into the park, all with flashing or changing lights inside. Truly magical!


Sweet Fall Reads

While I am over here patiently waiting for the weather to get cooler, I wanted to share a few good books that you should add to your fall reading list for when it is eventually possible to curl up by a fire. The first is sort of a shameless plug, but for a fantastic book. My friend Ingrid Fetell Lee just released her new book, Joyful, on the aesthetics of joy. A book ten years in the making and highlighted in her recent Ted Talk, she explores the connection between our surroundings, visuals and our feelings of joy. You can also follow along on her blog The Aesthetics of Joy. I would say, the timing of this book release could not be better – we all need a little extra joy these days, and it will truly change the way you look at the world.



The second book, The Devil in The White City is a little more in keeping with Halloween month. It is currently being adapted into a movie (with Leonardo Dicaprio as the lead) and follows the story of Daniel H. Burnham, the chief architect of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, and Dr. Henry H. Holmes, America’s first true serial killer.  It is a study in dark and light – the hope, impossible achievement and ingenuity that went into building the famous fair (where the Ferris Wheel was first invented) contrasted with the details around Dr. Henry H. Holmes victimization of those who found themselves crossing paths with him. I could. Not. Put it down. My life basically got put on hold for a week while I read it, I can’t believe it took me this long to even discover it (it was released in 2005.)


Below are some actual historical photos of the fair. “The White City” was a city built specially for the fair in less than two years, by tireless crews working around the clock. It was designed by a committee of famous architects and all torn down when the fair was over. Every building was stylistically different, but all were painted white for a unifying and dramatic effect.


And the first Ferris Wheel, considered America’s answer to the Eiffel Tower (debuted at the French World’s Fair several years earlier).


Being a shop girl myself, I thought it was high time to explore this little novel written by Steve Martin (the actor) At times it can feel a little dated (Land lines! Answering machines!), but in a charming way. Mainly it is a quick bit brilliant read – both a love story and a tribute to the growth we experience in romantic relationships, even when they don’t work out. It was already made also into a movie (with Claire Danes and Steve Martin playing the leads) five years after it’s release in 2005. The movie popped into my head a couple of weeks ago and I realized I’d never actually gone back and read the book. Both are fantastic!



Hope you add some or all of these to your must read list this fall! And feel free to leave any further book suggestions in the comments.

Carolina Blue for The Carolinas

I lived in Charleston over ten years and throughout that time, watched several hurricanes clip us and dealt with what looked and felt lite catastrophic levels of flooding (we almost lost a car just parked on the street to a freakishly heavy overnight rainstorm!). Thankfully the water would always quickly recede, but I felt the panic each fall when hurricane season began, wondering if this would be “it”, waffling on weather to board up the shop or evacuate. When Hurricane Florence was barreling towards the East Coast Charleston collectively held it’s breath until we knew we were well out of harms way, but it was heartbreaking to see the way it raked the North Carolina Coast, reeking havoc on coastal cities like Wilmington and its surrounding beach towns and caused inland flooding in towns like New Bern, NC. The news loves to cover the storms relentlessly in the heat of the moment, but quickly loses interest in the aftermath. We did some research into organizations that were assisting heavily in the clean up efforts in North Carolina After Florence and consistently came back to Direct Relief. Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization, active in all 50 states and more than 80 countries, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies – without regard to politics, religion, or ability to pay. Because you are able to earmark your donations for a particular relief effort, we have decided to donate $25 from the sale of each of our limited edition Carolina Blue Necklaces to their organization. This is a color that has been requested over and over again so we figured what better time to release it than now? You can shop them here.

We love you North Carolina! Get well soon.