25 for 25: Donate to Hurricane Harvey Relief and get 25% OFF

Like you I have been devastated to watch Hurricane Harvey ravage Houston and the surrounding areas. Living in a coastal state and having experienced some severe flooding in Charleston, this hits very close to home. I cannot imagine what these people are going through – and what they face in the coming months. I’ve donated to the Red Cross and encourage you to do the same (below there are a list of suggested nonprofits). If you email us your donation receipt in the amount of $25 or more to shopgirl@candyshopvintage.com any time in the next four days, we will send you a discount code for 25% off any order on candyshopvintage.com, now or in the near future. Codes will go out on Tuesday, September 4th, the day this offer ends and will be valid for one year so you can use it now or save it.


In addition to the The American Red Cross here is a comprehensive article outlining the different nonprofits that are offering assistance in the wake of the hurricane.

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