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This past weekend I celebrated the one year anniversary of my shop in Downtown Charleston:


A year ago, I was running around after finding out I got the space and pulling things together to try brick and mortar retail for the first time. With my jewelry line in other stores, I wasn’t sure that doing retail myself was something I wanted to take on, but I had always had a “building crush” on this little, 1940’s store front just off King Street. So when it became available, I thought, why not – this is my chance? I am literally not going to find a more perfect retails space. And one year later, my friend Mary Mac whipped up this cute invite for us:


When I opened this store, I wanted to bring something new and unique to Charleston and create the experience anyone who is exploring a new city wants to find – something both local and whimsical they cannot find elsewhere. Charleston has plenty of wonderful shops – both local and “big box” type stores – but no one was really featuring my particular genre of high-end vintage costume jewelry that I love to collect. This store has also given me the opportunity to become a greater part of the Downtown Charleston community, for which I am very grateful, as well as showcase and sell my expanding collection of vintage inspired designs.

Retail is hard. It is like having a baby, it always has to be clean and fed (well-stocked) and you can’t leave it unattended for very long. I have so much respect for anyone who has owned and run a shop for any amount of time after completing this year – it’s tough! But I wouldn’t trade it in, I have had so much fun!


So here are a few great snaps of our #ONEYEARONCANNON anniversary party I could not have thrown without the help of Liz from The Charleston Weekender pouring her One Hope Charleston bubbly that everyone was raving about (seriously – it’s fabulous and has a great, charitable component to it!) and the queen of cotton candy who pops up all over town, Arielle of Pure Fluff Co. Plus, I am very grateful to the dynamic photography duo Smith Photos + Ink for all the pretty snaps!



Our sweet neighbors down the street, Sugar bakeshop, sent over these adorable and incredibly yummy, branded cookies:


And having some vintage candy, particularly candy cigarettes, is always a must:






Our colorful Charleston Rice Beads are some of our most popular purchases:


But my personal favorite is always our selection of one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, hand picked by me or one of our trusted buyers:





My daugher Daphne almost stole the show with her ridiculous cuteness. Seriously Daphne, can you take it down a notch? I love her so much! She does not, for what it’s worth, like wearing jewelry yet.


And these girls are my righthand gals. They both work part time at Candy Shop On Cannon – Rachel Reeves, on the left is also a surgical tech (which gives her a preternatural ability to assemble jewelry!) and Annie Reeves manages our wholesale accounts and works in the store, as well as has a fantastic blog under her own name (and no, they aren’t related, I just happened to find two employees with the same last name!):


Arielle from Pure Fluff Co. even matched our two cotton candy flavors to our new Charleston Rice Bead colors – Mint and Rose!












Thank you to everyone who came and also supported us throughout the year! Want to see more? Check our our Facebook page and #ONEYEARONCANNON gallery. Thank you for a wonderful year Charleston!

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