August Cocktails On Cannon

We took a little break in our #COCKTAILSONCANNON series last month. Between our trade show and summer travels I completely forgot to round up our July cocktail, although our whisky sours were a huge it at the trade show during cocktail hour. For this August I got in touch with my vintage soul sister, Jess James and asked if her husband Joel, an author and acclaimed mixologist would be willing to share one of his favorite drink recipes with us. Jess and Joel (below) collaborate on a lot of events together where Jess hosts and organizes and Joel provides the libations. They even recently found this fabulous, tufted leather bar that they often bring to their vintage themed soirées in Wilmington, NC where they are based.


photo: Leslie Koehn/Star-News

The first time I met Joel he was tending bar at Manna, my favorite restaurant in Wilmington. While Jess and I chatted vintage at the bar Joel made is some amazing drinks, including some kind of Earl Grey infused cocktail that still sticks with me. I asked him to recommend a good summer cocktail since at least, here in Charleston we’ve got plenty of summer weather still in front of us.  Here is the “Lotus Blossom” with my favorite gin of choice, Hendrick’s:


The Lotus Blossom:

1.5 oz. gin of choice (Hendrick’s works well because it has accents of cucumber and rose)
3/4 oz. Domaine de Canton (this is a ginger-infused cognac liqueur) 
2 drops of rosewater
2 oz. sparkling mineral water
4 medium-sized chunks of cucumber
garnish with a rose petal or slice of cucumber
In a mixing glass, muddle the cucumber in the Dom. de Canton until the cucumber is completely smashed. Add the gin, rosewater, a scoop of ice,  and shake for about fifteen seconds (the dilution is important.) Double-strain the mixture into a pre-chilled cocktail glass. Add the mineral water to the used ice, swirl for a second, then double strain it as well, snagging the last of the residual flavors.

Joel’s cocktails do not disappoint. And as you can imagine, tending bar, you hear a lot of stories from your customers. While he obviously mixes a good drink, his true calling is as a writer. You can purchase his book “Cocktails and Conversations” here, filled to the brim with incredible cocktail recipes and the stories that go with them. Cheers!

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