Favorite Fall Cocktail: The Negroni

I recently went to the brand new Dewberry Hotel for drinks (where we partly shot our new Lookbook) and by the recommendation of a friend, ordered a Negroni. While I used to like sweeter drinks, I have started to embrace stronger, more flavorful cocktails that are not so sugary and this is just perfect. The hint of orange made me think that it is a perfect fall drink and I’ve since been trying them everywhere I go. It is a bit strong, so you could always top with a little champagne or prosecco to make it lighter.


Here is the recipe, and if course this being a gin-based cocktail I would suggest using Hendrick’s Gin (my favorite) and possibly even drinking while wearing our adorable Gin Pendant Necklace

The Negroni

2 tablespoons gin

2 tablespoons Campari

2 tablespoons sweet vermouth

1 orange twist


One thought on “Favorite Fall Cocktail: The Negroni

  1. I’m not so sure I’d consider orange to be a fall flavor, but it looks like a delicious cocktail nonetheless. Happy to see it didn’t turn out to be yet another pumpkin something-or-other!

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