South Carolina Flood Victim’s Fund

You would have to be living under a rock to not know that this has been a terrible week for South Carolina. Rain storm upon rain storm pounded the state starting last Friday. I live in Charleston and my family and I self-evacuated, not wanting to witness the inevitable impassable roads, days without being able to go to the grocery store, and potentially event worse. We live in a neighborhood that floods at the drop of that hat and are required by law to carry flood insurance. We anticipated that this could become a full-fledged catastrophe, and it was for many. Although Charleston was indeed hit hard and many lost cars and dealt with water damage in their homes, it was actually upstate where the worst disaster unfolded. Dams broke, rivers overflowed and people escaped with only the clothes on their backs, if they were lucky. It was horrifying to watch and at the time seemed like it would not end. These are just a few photos of the type of destruction seen around the state of SC this past week and are still dealing with:

For Charleston, though scary, there was almost a comical element to the ridiculous amount of water in our city. We are always well prepared for floods here. This is a friend of ours, standing in front of our house after we asked him to check on it (our house is elevated above the flood water by the way):

Another friend on the Battery, holding a drink. Yes, Charleston residents can drink through anything! We are lucky we could laugh about it. For us Downtowners it was bad but it could have been much worse!

The American Red Cross is out in full force in the State of SC. If you would like to donate directly to the flood recovery efforts you can do so here. We are also going to donate $20 from the sale of every True Navy Charleston Rice Bead Necklace online and in store in the month of October to the same fund. Keep the SC affected by this tragedy in your thoughts and prayers as residents recover from this disaster.



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