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The French 75 Cocktail Bracelet

Thanks to Country Living’s December issue this year (and how fun is that cover?), our French 75 Cocktail Bracelet is getting a celebratory boost this month. This bracelet was inspired by a Martini charm necklace once sold at auction as part of famous socialite Bunny Mellon’s estate. I thought it was so enchanting and charming, that I’d create my own “Cocktail Bracelet” featuring the ingredients to my favorite, vintage champagne cocktail – The French 75. My friend Ashley highlighted it on her blog a few years back (where you can also find the recipe) and the bracelet has continued to build in popularity since. 01



Because it is a bit labor intensive to make, the price point is higher. We assemble the bracelet chain, clasp and tag ourselves and have it individually plated along with the four gold charms. After plating, the charms are attached to the bracelet along with the lemon, sugar cube and the tiny bottle of gin. The sugar cube is actually handmade from polymer clay rolled in glitter and the gin bottle is hand cast resin. I designed the gin bottle labels myself but because they don’t die cut labels that small, we cut them out by hand with an exacto blade, apply them to the gin bottle charm, and voila!  We also have a Mint Julep version here. Because of the labor involved, we have a limited number of these available, so if you want one for yourself or someone else this Christmas, better snap it up now. And if you miss the boat, you can always make French 75s at home – they make a great New Year’s Eve cocktail!


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