Hermine, Labor Day Sale & Charleston Rice Bead Rings

Here in Charleston we are bracing for tropical storm Hermine as we go into Labor Day weekend. We closed our 9 Cannon Street Shop Today out of caution… It can be hard to get around here once these types of extreme storms blow through (unless you’ve got a boat!). But, weather permitting, we will reopen tomorrow (Saturday) at 10AM!


Our Labor Day Weekend Sale Kicked off today, so if you are stuck at home as I am with spotty internet access you can still participate! All of our Spring and Summer Charleston Rice Bead Colors are on sale so if you want to purchase any of the remaining, available Spring/Summer colors at 25% OFF you can use code ENDOFSUMMER at checkout to get your discount:


And if you haven’t already, check out our new Charleston Rice Bead Rings. Available in all of our metallic finishes (AND coming soon in gunmetal!) they are stackable AND sized. We carry sizes 5-8 and if you don’t know your ring size offhand, hold up one of your existing rings to this size chart on your screen for reference. Photo taken at The Dewberry Hotel, who was kind enough to let us shoot part of our Fall Lookbook there. Can’t wait to share it soon!


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