I Believe In Unicorns

Last week my daughter Daphne turned 4 and we hosted a unicorn-themed birthday for her at Camp Perri in Charleston. Camp Perri is a magical little place where children can let their imaginations run wild during guided hours of crafts, activities and projects with owner and dierctor “Perri Poppins” (Perri Stilp).

Daphne’s a little bit obsessed with unicorns these days so we had a lot of fun putting the party together, from her personalized Sugar bakeshop cupcakes, to unicorn lollipops and Perri’s adorable glass jars of juice with gold straws that were a charming touch:

And I loved the decorations she chose, that included unicorn horn party hats and banners from Meri Meri. Plus crafts that included make-your-own unicorn necklace, coloring unicorns and “Unicorn, Unicorn, Dragon!” Perri’s version of “Duck, Duck, Goose!”

Daphne was one happy camper and all of her little friends had a great time as well! Here’s to year 4 with my special little unicorn!

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