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The Candy Shop Collection

We are SO THRILLED to finally be able to share The Candy Shop Collection with you, a ten piece collection of vintage inspired jewelry all made in the U.S.A. We’ve spent a lot of time researching a place to have jewelry made – the old school way, when things were made in America by talented artisans and manufacturers who valued quality over quantity.  So, last summer we partnered with a factory and model makers in New England to produce this launch collection of fun, whimsical pieces inspired by vintage styles we’ve collection and sold over they years.

Our Egyptian inspired jewelry can be worn as a set or separately, were inspired by 1970’s Egyptian revival jewelry and the over-the-top glamour of Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra, reinterpreted with a bright, fun and modern color palate.

Each piece, from the dramatic statement earrings with custom resin stones to collar necklace and the oversize cocktail ring features the scarab beetle, traditionally worn by Egyptian Kings and Queens to symbolize their wealth and power. The scarab emerged as a classic design element in Egyptian inspired jewelry and is still considered a symbol of luck and good fortune.

The Kissing Scarab Pendant Earrings come in two colors, a bright rich pink and turquoise. The resin is beautiful and almost “glows” when worn because of its translucent quality.  Here’s a great shot of them from The Glitter Guide (photo by Olivia Ray James):

And of course, who can resist a colorful Scarab Cocktail Ring served up with a little Prosecco?

3 thoughts on “The Candy Shop Collection

  1. Love love love the colors in “The Candy Shop Collection.” I was curious, due to the size & metals are the Kissing Scarab Pendant Earrings were heavy on the ears?

    Super cute – I especially like the turquoise ones!


    • Thank you so much Francesca! The scarab itself is resin so it weighs next to nothing and we’ve hollowed out the backs as much as possible the keep the weight comfortable – which we feel it is! Should you want to order and find they are to heavy for you we can take returns within 30 days but we think they feel great!

  2. Thanks so much for replying to my question.

    It is hard to tell when just looking at pictures online. The fact that it makes a statement but won’t make your earlobe fall off…well, that’s delightful!

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