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The Only Whisky Sour Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Whisky Sour Recipe From Candy Shop Vintage

Last summer I had a trunk show in Florida on a Saturday afternoon hosted by my mother-in-law Mary Zahl. She made a bunch of really yummy southern-style appetizers (since we had just had our jewelry featured in Southern Living) and decided to serve whisky sours, since it is sort of a vintage cocktail. I had never actually had one before. I mentally categorized them as having gone the way of baked Alasksas and flaming desserts – food and drinks that were only found on the pages of long forgotten, dog-eared cookbooks and out of print magazines. You don’t see them around much which is really a shame because they are SO good! I’ve also noticed that both men and women enjoy them – nothing about them is too girly and yet they are sweet, sour and delicious. And the trunk show guests that day agreed, they were definitely shopping with a strong buzz. This particular recipe is incredibly simple and easy to mix up in a pitcher to leave out for guests to serve themselves – we now serve these at all of our events and I get asked for the recipe constantly. When it involves frozen limeade concentrate, you simply can’t go wrong. Just don’t forget the Maraschino cherry and orange slice garnish! Recipe below for the June edition of #cocktailsoncannon.

Whisky Sour Recipe From Candy Shop Vintage

Cocktails On Cannon: Serve Yourself Whisky Sours

1 large can frozen limeade concentrate – thawed slightly and undiluted
 1 (limeade can) fresh squeezed lemon juice
 1 (limeade can) simple syrup
 1+ (limeade can) bourbon or whiskey to taste
1/2 (limeade can) of water to taste
Serve with maraschino cherry, preferably with a stem, over ice, and with a slice of orange in a vintage glass. Makes about 1/2 gallon.

Whisky Sour Recipe From Candy Shop Vintage

Whisky Sour Recipe From Candy Shop Vintage

This is my favorite type of citrus juicer for squeezing lemons It works well, is powerful and enables you to squeeze all the juice out while separating the seeds so it is surprisingly easy to make your own fresh lemon juice. Of course, you can also buy it pre-packaged, its just a nice addition if you have the time.

Whisky Sour Recipe From Candy Shop Vintage

Adding a little bit of water to dilute it was my only adjustment to the original recipe. I found they were a little syrupy otherwise. The other option it to put extra ice in the pitcher and if you leave at room temperature, the melting ice will slowly dilute it a bit. Either way you don’t need more than 2/3 a cup or so (or half a limeade can) of water and be sure to serve over plenty of ice.




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