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Totality, Midnight Rice Beads and Charleston Eclipse Photos

It was impossible not to get swept up in the hype of the solar eclipse in Charleston since we were directly in its path. As the weekend ended and Monday approached the city had sort of a nervous energy about it. We had a solar eclipse sale. I made eclipse cookies. And I wondered if it would indeed be as magical as everyone said.


We watched the eclipse from Sullivan’s Island – undoubtedly one of the most picturesque viewing points in the area. Our whole group had (the correct) glasses thanks to our host and Daphne was so worried she would go blind she barely took them off her face.


When “totality” occurred I did take off my glasses for a moment and snapped this shot. It was just to incredible. The whole sky and beach was eerily dark and still. The church bells at a nearby church were ringing which added to the surreal feeling of darkness descending in the middle of the day and a storm was rolling in so off in the distance there was thunder and lighting. The change in light was slow and steady and felt more like a dark sunset than being plunged into total darkness and when the sun did reappear there was a feeling of elation. It really was an incredible thing to witness! And the clouds parted for just enough time to make it possible.


The public schools in Charleston were actually closed today – I would say it was a win for Daphne spending a day at the beach instead of in a classroom.


And here are a couple other photos taken in Charleston that I just loved…



Finally in honor of our solar eclipse passing we have brought back our Charleston Rice Beads in Midnight Black for the season, just a little bit early.


One thought on “Totality, Midnight Rice Beads and Charleston Eclipse Photos

  1. These pictures are amazing. I am kinda frustrated that I missed this opportunity to witness one of the best solar eclipses. Do you ship your products to Europe or only in USA?

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