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Welcoming The Charleston Blog Society

One of the really nice things about having a brick and mortar storefront is that I often get to connect with people in person and not just from behind a computer or from my iphone. Don’t get me wrong, I love my social media, but there’s no substitute for seeing people in real life – chatting with the girls over drinks who have supported Candy Shop Vintage – and introducing my brand to new faces. So I reached our to Gillian Ellis of the Charleston Blog Society to host one of their monthly events at the shop, which happened to fall on Cinco de Mayo:


So naturally we did a make-your-own margarita bar and dressed the shop up with some festive, Mexican flair, my Society Social barcart has been working overtime these days:



Kelly Harold of Paper Meets Pearl came back for more cocktails and food blogger Jessica Scully visited the shop for the first time:





Gillian (right) runs the blog society and was such a pleasure to work with. She also took all the photos and blogs regularly on her blog, A Coastal Bride:


I’ve known Natalie, Caycee and Annie Reeves for a few years now and these girls have been such huge supporters of my business. I am very grateful for them! They are all funny, down-to-earth and smart and they work incredibly hard. I really admire them. While they often partner with larger, more lucrative brands from a blogging perspective, they are equally supportive of a smaller business and designer. Annie has even come to work part time at Candy Shop Vintage as our wholesale guru and I love the perspective her blogging career brings to work with me:


And I enjoyed meeting Kendra, Tiffany and Shree and many more of the ladies- all new faces for me but so fun to connect with them for the first time. If you look closely at Tiffany’s (below, center) wrist she is actually wearing her original, vintage Rice Beads from her Mom!


Cheers to all the Charleston Bloggers, new faces and old who make Charleston a sweet and fun creative community!


(Above: Annie of and Liz of The Charleston Weekender)

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