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Your May Cocktail: All Grown Ups Are Pirates

If I peek my head out the front door of my shop at 9 Cannon and look right, I am staring at The Ordinary, hands down my favorite restaurant in Charleston. Housed in an old bank building, it is a high end seafood hall with a particular bent towards oysters, that exists in that wonderful place where fine dining intersects with every day (or at least sometimes weekly) eating. It squarely faces the point Cannon Street intersects with King which gives you the feeling that the second you leave my shop it is drawing you in like some kind of gigantic, oyster-filled magnet. I have tried most of the menu – every type of oyster, the fresh and slightly spicy tuna poke, the irresistible crab toast (with hot sauce) the Tuesday night lobster roll, the off-the-menu flounder ceviche… I have yet to have even a dish there that wasn’t completely amazing. But what’s also special about The Ordinary and what attracts the regulars as much as it does those making a pilgrimage from other cities, is their wonderful cocktail menu. The Ordinary bar is known for its rum-based cocktails like special daiquiris made with aged rum or their most popular rum drink, the “Call Me Old Fashioned.”



I, however, had been stuck “White Lady” rut – the gin cocktail I’d been ordering there since it opened that was once on the menu then cruelly whisked away.  I’d been on a campaign to bring it back as I am not a big rum drinker – but Lane Becker, their bar czar (pictured below), promised me that this cocktail will be your (and my) “gateway rum cocktail.” Lane came to The Ordinary from McCradys, another fine dining destination in Charleston well-known for its well stocked bar. Lane honed his craft there before moving over to The Ordinary, lucky for us, and is now just half a block away from Candy Shop On Cannon.


Lane’s cocktail of choice for this post: the summery All Grown Ups Are Pirates – a cocktail you can make at home (he gave us the recipe) but it might be easier to just sidle up to the bar at the Ordinary and whisper that code name – “All Grown Ups Are Pirates”  and try his version, especially since his homemade pineapple infused rum took 10 days to “set.”


All Grown Ups Are Pirates

2 oz. House Pineapple Rum (Barbancourt 8 year base)

1/2 oz. Petite Canne Cane Syrup

1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice

1/6 oz. Fernet Branca

1 oz. Egg White

Shake without ice for 30 seconds, then shake with ice for 15 seconds. Strain onto fresh ice and drink quickly. Garnish with a slice of lime, Luxardo cherry and mint.





The cocktail was light and almost creamy without being heavy (which I attribute to the egg whites). With all the ice and served in a high ball and especially with the mint garnish it was refreshing and summery. It didn’t taste strong, but after a few sips, midday and prior to lunch I felt ready to go take a nap in a hammock under a palm tree. Really it’s the perfect summer cocktail – you can certainly try All Grown Ups at Pirates at home, but I bet it will taste the best at The Ordinary Bar with a side of a dozen oysters. Thanks Lane & thanks to Clay Austin for the photos!



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